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Thanks for articulating this, Tony. Trust, trust, trust. It all revolves around it. Let’s face it: we came into this industry long after the “golden years” were gone and have to live with the consequences of the crooked management styles born then..

My personal version of dystopia is gray-haired leadership that lacks imagination and courage since they have now “arrived”. Our planet cannot afford this. Actually, our planet can - it’s us humans who cannot.

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Absolutely agree with today's post Tony. Thanks for taking the time to write this and articulate a lot of the same ideas that I've talked to colleagues about.

Have a good vacation next week!

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Totally agree, if you don’t get raises why stay at a job? You have to enjoy it or it’s going to last a long time. No it doesn’t have to be your “passion” but you gotta find enjoyment.

Also the middle class worker is getting squeezed out replaced by high paying tech or consultant jobs. Which have their place but when we need new products or solutions where are the chemists and the hands on inventors going to be in the USA?

Also a lot of older traveling jobs are going to retire soon. It’s less convenient and the benefits are not as nice form airlines, hotels, or rentals anymore because they lost profit for 2 years.

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Hi Tony thanks for explaining..

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