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As an oil company executive, it is almost laughable that you think I care about people arguing climate change and human interference in such. I run my business with the same objectives/goals as most other executives in other industries.

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Never suggested that you did

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Have you read recent work by Michael Shellenberger? He has many similar views, and thinks that nuclear powering very dense cities would allow for efficiency in how humans live while also allowing for lots of wild/green areas.

As a chemist I see lots of start ups that look to take some waste stream and turn it back into a useful feedstock. Typically obtaining the purity of waste at scale is what stops it. If public policy were to highly incentivise keeping a feedstock pure (non-tinted glass or PET for example) that would allow more simple recycling later on. I also read The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability--Designing for Abundance and it provides a few anecdotes for how a product could be designed from the start to have fewer pieces for more simple assembly and disassembly for recycling. And I definitely recognize that pyrolysis with carbon capture attached will always need to be the backstop, but where does all that CO2 go?

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