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Interesting paper Tony. Thank you for sharing!

I wish all the best to Bodi on this tremendous endeavor. IMO, the electrospinning is a serious obstacle for commercialization. Nice technique but for academia purposes mostly.

Last year, I worked on this topic as well. I went even further, proposing a 100% biobased solution - a paper made from chemically modified cellulosic fibers. Improved wettability and conductivity, scavenger for HF formed by electrolyte decomposition, fire-resistant and thermal runaway mitigation through char formation. And very important from a commercial standpoint -the recipe can be manufactured on a paper machine.

Did I get the attention from battery world or even pulp and paper industry? Not at all. The separator is only a commodity product for them: a piece of plastic!

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I'm surprised you didn't get more attention on that because it sounds really good! Happy to chat with you about it.

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